Business Development Manager - South East Asia

Jack Phang, our new Business Development Manager

Subject:  Business Develop Manager, South East Asia.
Following a long and exhaustive search for a replacement to Alex Ong, Metrode is pleased to announce that we have successfully recruited his replacement.
Jack Phang, who has had several years experience in the welding industry, joined Metrode on the 10th January 2011 and is at present undergoing training at Metrode in the UK.
Jack will report on a day to day basis to Mike Stirling and will be based out of The Lincoln Electric (Asia Pacific) office in Singapore. This offers us good central communications within the region.
Jack’s role is to further develop Metrode’s business through existing and new distribution channels in the following countries:
        Singapore / Indonesia / Malaysia / Philippines / Thailand / Vietnam.
I am sure you will give Jack the same warm welcome you have given to other Metrode personnel over the years, I know he is looking forward to the challenges ahead in 2011 and beyond.
Initially, to ensure a smooth integration, please forward all requests for either quotations or technical assistance as you have previously done, with a copy to Jack. This will allow Jack free movement around the region without getting too overwhelmed with paper work.
Jack’s contact details are as follows:
Jack Phang
DID:  +65 6854 5399
Mobile: +65 97869925

Gareth Jenkins

Gareth Jenkins - Sales & Marketing Support Manager

Email: Phone: 01932 566721 Fax: 01932 565168 Location: Metrode UK

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