All about Metrode

Metrode offers one of the largest ranges of alloyed welding consumables available from a single source. The products range from those suitable for low alloy steels, through numerous diverse steels, to those matching the performance of nickel-based alloys.

Metrode Products Ltd - History

  • Metrode is the UK's leading manufacturer and supplier of alloyed welding consumables
  • Formed in 1963, Metrode has steadfastly preserved its founders’ principles of product excellence and customer service and in November 2006 joined The Lincoln Electric Company as a business unit within Lincoln Electric Europe
  • Investment in research and development remains the key to Metrode’s success
  • Highest quality technical support is freely available to all customers, reinforced by training and site visits whenever appropriate
  • Metrode has sales staff based in France, Singapore, China and USA and our extensive network of UK Distributors ensure our range of welding consumables and expertise are easily accessible to all
  • Metrode’s headquarters, laboratories and production plant enjoy a rural setting close to Heathrow Airport and the M25 just West of London